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1st Place: Sam Parry
2nd Place: Kaden Gajewski

Micellaneous (5th-6th)
1st Place: Vita Bartolotta
2nd Place: Seth Henderson
3rd Place: Abby Ferrell
Honorable Mention: Connor Ingram & Danica Hamilton

Micellaneous (7th-8th)
1st Place: Lucas Donoho
2nd Place: Brandee Anselment
3rd Place: Dawson Kurwicki

1st Place: Karmen Reynolds
2nd Place: Talan Robinson
3rd Place: Cole Peterson
Honorable Mention: Noah Frederking & Preston Maddox

1st Place: Garrett Williamson & Trent Browne
2nd Place: Olivia Wiggers & Abby Kessler
3rd Place: Bradley Bowers & Jacob Piasecki
Honorable Mention: Ostin & Ray Habeck

Most Creative - Individual
1st Place: Haley Grzegorek
2nd Place: Abrielle Habeck
3rd Place: Reese Rowell
Honorable Mention: Yerian Perez, Shelby Thorson, Merytt Zgonina

Most Creative - Groups
1st Place: Amy Hicks, Allyson Melton, Courtney Hallock, Jenny Barnes, Grace Reuhl
2nd Place: Daci Finke, Faith Frerker, Hope Liszewski, Korbi Rhine, Baylie Newman
3rd Place: Kiley Heidel, Hannah Grzegorek, Havalen Pierce, Brianna Schorfheide
Honorable Mention: Carli Anderson, Ana Fernandez, Janisha Bailey, October Hagopian, Treyveyanna McDowell

Groups - 3 or More (5th)
1st Place: Peyton Lingle, Emma Alli, Zoey Lopez, Kennidy Wilkins
2nd Place: Silas Hill, Brady Stein, Blaine Emerick, Will Pedtke
3rd Place: Madison Haege, Brady Meyer, Quinton Stanley, Tanner Brooks, Andrew Gollaher
Honorable Mention: Kortney Wacker, Kinze Klingeman, Olivia Verges
Honorable Mention: Marcus Hunter, Kyle Johns, Breckin Baum, Brayden Hunter

Groups- 3 or More (6th-8th)
1st Place: Gracie Hoffman, Sophie Schubert, Paige Greten, Emma Eberhart, Valerie Combs, Jill Kuhl, Emma Grathwohl
1st Place: Allison Maschhoff, Emily Guest, Ryan Stiegman, Emme Paskiewicz, Brooklyne Luessenheide, Ella Reed, Hailey Baugh
2nd Place: Wyatt Kwiatkowski, Esdon Bartling, Evan Knolhoff, Drake Sturgill, Conner Wolters, Ben Reid

1st Place: Kendall Donato
2nd Place: Carson Cook
3rd Place: Christopher Johns
Honorable Mention: David Peters

1st Place: Jocelyn Edwards
2nd Place: Jolie Cearnal
3rd Place: Cindy Guinup
Honorable Mention: Aryssa Brehm

A special "Thank You" goes out to the MC of this event, Mrs. Winchester, and the fabulous panel of judges.